Bill and Ben – The Sandcastle

June 13, 2010

Bill    Hi Ben ! How are you ?

Ben   Alive and kicking. What about yourself ?

Bill    Much the same. I haven’t seen you in a while. What have you been up to ?

Ben    Well, I had some time free, so I went to the beach.

Bill    Really ? Did you go to the one we went to last year ?

Ben    Are you joking ? You know I’m still banned from there!

Bill    A grave injustice…

Ben    Yes, really! Some people just can’t take a joke.

Bill    Still, I think it was a great idea. It was a terrific sandcastle…

Ben    Yes! And it took me all night to build it.

Bill    The construction company really didn’t mind that you borrowed their digger.

Ben    Yes! and I was really careful with their roller. Not even a scratch.

Bill    You could see the other side of the bay from the towers.

Ben    It wasn’t easy building the first one, but the last five were a piece of cake.

Bill    I think the true masterpiece was the moat. So wide and soooo deep….

Ben    I ask you, what’s a castle without a moat ?

Bill    True, but where did you find all those fish ?

Ben    Secret.

Bill    The kids really liked the dolphins.

Ben    They are great to play with.

Bill    Very true, but I think a few people were a bit worried by the shark.

Ben    Mmmm, it was only a teeny weeny one….


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