Harry Potter Quiz

September 24, 2013

Harry Potter Quiz 1

Test your knowledge of the Harry Potter films and books while practising your English.

Harry Potter Quiz 2

There’s 120 questions on the first level, if you can get a good score out of 100 you can see the second level and try another 80 more difficult questions.

Harry Potter Quiz 3

You need to be a real Harry Potter fan to get a good score.

Harry Potter Quiz 4

Find out how good you really are on Harry Potter and Hogwart lore.

Harry Potter Quiz 5

Knock on the door to enter.


Bear Sticks Up a Bank

August 28, 2013

Q. When a bear sticks up (robs) a bank, what kind of face does it have?

A. A bare face. (pronounced bear face) – because a bear never wears a mask!

I studied English many years ago.
I have studied English recently.
I study English every day.
I‘m studing English now.
I’m going to study English.
I will study English… one day!


The Past Continuous or Past Progressive is usually used when one action in the past interupts another that was in progress.

I was Sleeping when...

I was sleeping when the telephone rang.

It was Snowing when...

It was still snowing when I arrived home.

An action starts in the past (-ing form) but before it reaches the present it is interupted by an event (simple past).


The world's most difficult English quiz.

This quiz is (probably) the most difficult English quiz in the world. It requires both good English and advanced humour. Don’t expect to score more than 20/100. Go to the MENU to initilize the score. It starts easy so you can get an idea how it works, then gets harder.

British-English Slang Quiz

February 17, 2013

Quiz on British-English slang with 2 levels and 140 questions.

Yet more British slang words to test yourself on as this quiz now has a second level with more questions.


April 17, 2012

Tom are you there?
Yes, I’m here!
What are you doing Tom?
I’m doing the same as Dick.
Dick what are you doing?
I’m helping Harry.
So, Harry what are you doing?


Counting in Japanese

August 24, 2011

Every time you scratch your knee do you wonder why you are counting to two in Japanese?

Let off a Cat

March 11, 2011

There are three ways to let off a cat:

1: Stop the car and open the door.
2. Tie a stick of TNT to the tail and…
3. Watch the cat pee on the bed and…
go back to sleep.

Foxlish World

February 20, 2011

Beware of sticky dead cats stuffed with TNT that are about to…

a. roll over
b. go off
c. scratch
d. blow away

Printable English exercises to test yourself on phrasal verbs, vocabulary and humour. The cat can’t scratch because it’s dead, it can’t blow away because it’s sticky and it can’t roll over because it’s sticky and dead. So that leaves…