A arise arose arisen from the tomb
awake awoke awakened are you awake?
B bear bore born
bear bore borne
beat beat beaten
become became become a werewolf
begin began begun
bend bent bent bend the rules
bet bet bet your eye-teeth
bind bound bound hand and foot
bite bit bitten bite your nails
bleed bled bled
blow blew blown in the wind
bring brought brought
break broke broken break a bottle
build built built a castle in the sky
burst burst burst a balloon
C cast cast cast a ball, a stone
catch caught caught a ball, a fish, a cold
choose chose chosen choose a colour
cling clung clung
come came come
cost cost cost a lot, not a lot
creep crept crept under a bed
cut cut cut finger, paper, string
D dare dared dared
deal dealt dealt cards, weapons
dig dug dug a big hole
do did done what did you do ?
draw drew drawn pictures, swords
drink drank drunk beer, cola

drive drove driven cars, women mad
E eat ate eaten your fill
F fall fell fallen
feed fed fed the birds, the dog
feel felt felt hungry, thirsty
fight fought fought
find found found a lucky penny
fling flung flung
fly flew flown free as a bird
forget forgot forgotten the answer
forgive forgave forgiven
freeze froze frozen like an ice cube
G get got gotten – got
give gave given give it to me, please
go went gone
grind ground ground coffee beans
grow grew grown
H hang hung hung hang up a coat
have had had have u had enough?
hear heard heard
hide hid hidden under the bed
hit hit hit hit the target
hold held held it with both hands
hurt hurt hurt for food, a job
K keep kept kept keep for later
know knew known a fact, a language
L lay laid laid an egg
lead led led by the nose
leave left left it where it is
lend lent lent money
let let let it go, it be
lie lay lain in bed, on the floor

light lit lit a candle, a match
lose lost lost a key, a bet, money
M make made made a cobweb, lunch
mean meant meant I mean you’re mean
meet met met meet for a meeting
O owe owed owed
P pay paid paid pay in cash $$$
Q quit quit quit while you are ahead
R read read read a book, a magazine
ride rode ridden a horse, a bike
ring rang rung the door bell
rise rose risen sunrise, at dawn
run ran run run for the hills
S see saw seen can you see me ?
seek sought sought seek and find
shake shook shaken milkshake
sell sold sold
send sent sent a letter, a message
set set set sunset
shine shone shone shine like a star
shoot shot shot with a gun
show showed shown a worm to a boy
shrink shrank shrunk to fit
shut shut shut a door, a mouth
sing sang sung like a bird, a singer
sink sank sunk like a rock, titanic
sit sat sat fat cat sat on a mat
sleep slept slept in a bed
slide slid slid down a slide
slit slit slit
speak spoke spoken speak to me

speed sped sped speed of light
spend spent spent until you drop
spin spun spun
split split split
spread spread spread spread the butter
spring sprang sprung
stand stood stood on two feet
steal stole stolen
stick stuck stuck stick to a stick
sting stung stung like a bee or a wasp
strike struck struck a match
string strung strung
swear swore sworn like a sailor
sweep swept swept under the carpet
swim swam swum like a fish or brick
swing swung swung a cat – room test
T take took taken
teach taught taught in a school
tear tore torn up a contract, paper
tell told told your tale
think thought thought before you speak
throw threw thrown
W wake/n woke/n woke/n up from nightmare
wear wore worn
weave wove woven through traffic
wed wed wed tie the knot
weep wept wept cry like a woman
wet wet wet
win won won a bet, a fight
wind wound wound up a watch
wring wrung wrung a wet towel, a neck
write wrote written a letter, a book

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